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  Click the concern disease, you can read the disease by sasang constitutional      medicine  

   What is Sasang Constitutional Medicine    

   Philosophical background of Sasang constitutional medicine   

   External feature     Constitutional Food      

   Constitutional Analysis of Lumbago Pation  

   The Constitutional food for Cancer patientnew.gif

   Constitutional Occupation    Thermo of face     Sport   

   The principal of the large and small viscera

   TAEGEUK's Acupuncture  Bee-venom Therapy

   Physiology of lung, spleen, liver, kidney

   Environment and Sasang Constitution Medicine  

  Pathology of Sasang constitutional Medicine

   Soeumin's external pathology

  Soyangin's internal pathologynew.gif   

  Soyangin's general Pathologynew.gif 

  Soeumin's internal pathologynew.gif  

  Soeumin's general pathologynew.gif

  Soyangin external pathologynew.gif

If you want to know your sasang constitutional type, Click HERE.

THis Sasang constitutional program was made with the master thesis of  kyounghee Oriental medical collage and KAIST.

The Ph. D. Thesis of Kyounghee Oriental Medical Collage

          (Major: Sasang Constitutional Medicine)

"The effects of proliferation and differentiation on adipocyte 3T3-L1  by prescriptions and herbs of Taeyang-In and Taeum-In "

 Korean abstract                           English abstract

 since Aug23,1998

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