Clinical Report of Lumbago patients
by Sasang Constitution Medicine

- Sasang Herb medicine, IRCT(InfraRed Computer Thermography),

Yakchim (Korean herb-acupuncture) remedy

The 2nd Int'l Congress of Constitutional Medicine

Harvard Grand Hotel, L.A. U.S.A.  Korean

Lumbago is the common disease in the human, many people have been sicked the Lumbago. As the traditional methods of Lumbago treatment, acupuncture, moxibustion, herb medicines have been applied to a patient, now a days, new methods have been applied physical remedy, Yakchim (Korean herb acupuncture) remedy, Chuna remedy to.

This report was collected 73 Lumbago patients by name, sex, age, motive, symptoms, X-ray, CT, MRI, IRCT, Sasang constitution type, Sasang herb medicine, Yakchim, Chuna, period of remedy, satisfaction of remedy, at the "WooRee Korean Medical Clinic" during 21 months from Sep. 14, 1994 to May 25, 1996. And this report was studied about the distribution of the Sasang constitution type, the Sasang herb medicine, the effect, the period.

The results were as follows :

1. Lumbago patients were distributed like that; Taeum-In () 47 (66.3 %), Soyang-In 16 (21.9 %), Soum-In 10 (13.7 %), Taeyang-In () 0. This was different from distribution of Donguisuseibowon(), Taeum-In () 50%, Soyang-In () 30%, Soum-In () 20 %, Taeyang-In () little, this report shows that the number of Taeum-In () is more than that of Donguisuseibowon and the number of Soum-In is less than that of Donguisuseibowon.

2. The average satisfaction of remedy was 60.3 %, Taeum-In's satisfaction was 66.0%, Soum-In's satisfaction was 56.3 %, Soyang-In's satisfaction was 60.0 %.

3. The effective herb medicines were as follows, Soyang-In used the Hyong Bang Ji Hwang Tang (), Yuk Mi Ji Hwang Tang (ګ), Soum-In used the Sib Yi Mi Goan Jung Tang (ګΰ), Taeum-In used the Chung Sim Yon Ja Tang (), Chung Pae Sa Gan Tang (), Yeol Da Han So Tang().

4. The period of remedy was about 6 weeks. The period of remedy of each types was as follows, Taeum-In was about 5.7 weeks, Soum-In was about 6.8 weeks, Soyang-In was about 4.2 weeks.

5. The method of Lumbago remedy is divided three types, sprain Lumbago, Pyobyong (ܻ outside Syndromes) Libyong (ܻ inside symdromes). Soum-In's methods are Pyobyong's ascending the Yang (), adding the Gi(Ѩ) [Ѩ], and Libyong's descending the inside Yim() [˽Ѩ]. Soyang-In's methods are Pyobyongs's decending the outside-Yim [˽Ѩ], and Libyong's ascending the cool Yang () [߾].

Taeum-In's methods are Pyobyong's ascending the Lung's Yang (Ѩ), and Libyong's colding the dried hot liver. ()

Taeyang's methods are strong the liver and making Yim. ()

6. There are two methods for using the YakChim (Korean herb-acupuncture) by Sasang constitution medicine, one is to select the Yakchim, the other is to choice the point for appling the Yakchim.

The first, to select the Yakchim are as follows;

Soum-In can select the bee Venom, Soyang-In can select the H.O.(Hong Whoa ), Taeum-In can select the I(Hodo ), V, O.K.(Ungdam, ), Uwhang , SaHyang , etc., Palgang Yakchim (eight principles Korean herb-acupuncture (˧)) could made by abstracted Sasang herb medicine.

The second, to choice the points for applying the Yakchim are used in the TaeGiuk Acupuncture method (п), Sacho (, four warmer) by Sasang constritutional physiology and pathology.